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Are you a virgin?

No, but I regret losing it. I always believed in losing it with someone special to make it all the more special, but suddenly I was already past 20 years old, and feeling horny and starting to get that weird peer pressure of being so old and virgin that I… no longer was virgin.

I didn’t cum though…. I guess that’s all the virginity I’ll cling to.

Edit: I also had a Long distance relationship, but my girlfriend died and shit happened… my emotions were so chaotic back then….

If I was girlfriend I'd need to at least see your face mannnnnnn

I thought my face was public domain by now. Rule of Thumb: The #me tag http://efaj.tumblr.com/tagged/me/

How were you able to get another Abstrati? What is going on?

Around last week, the Devs revealed that ALL IMPS WITHIN DUNGEONS have 1% of dropping an extra abstrati (Allowing you to have 2 different ones, or more!). Maybe this feature was around since a bit earlier.

Gate 1 dungeons have the highest appearance of imps, in my experience, so that’s how I got that one.

Imps outside dungeons (like normal strifes) do not count!

Is it Slenderman or anonymous?

Is it Slenderman or anonymous?

Does anyone have the post with the IP Addresses around?

If Anonymous does “bring down the Internet” on saturday, they would be bringing down the DNS servers… aka the name thingies. But we can still use tumblr and google and etc with their ip addresses…..

Just like the posts around the time of SOPA and PIPA were saying…. soo…. anyone has those IPs around? D: I NEED THEM.

I love your hair!


If the United States can seize a Dutch citizen in New Zealand over a copyright claim, what is next?
The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Ask a 21 year old Costa Rican guy that’s tired of sex anything about any thing! Anonymous or not. If you want me to reply privately add so.